Day Care Arthroscopy

Day care surgery

Traditional surgeries require hospital stay for a few days after the surgery. This can cause mental and financial discomfort to patients. Often, this is done to ensure that the external surgical wounds heal, or simply to keep the patient under ‘observation’.

Daycare Surgery, in contrast, uses modern surgical techniques to ensure that the patient heals faster and can be discharged in 24 hours or less

In Daycare Surgery, very well trained daycare surgeon perform surgery using hi-tech, precision equipment designed to minimize pain and accelerate healing. Arthroscopic methods involve video-assisted surgery through a very small puncture in the joint. These techniques cause minimal secondary damage to the joint, and thus result in faster healing. The Special anesthetic techniques are used to minimize pain during and after the procedure by our well experienced, highly qualified anthesiologists. Patients are able to return back to their feet same day and their other normal activities much earlier than traditional surgery.

A daycare procedure is performed only after thorough planning and evaluation of the patient by a qualified, daycare-trained doctor. The patient’s condition is evaluated and monitored after the surgery by the doctor and trained staff, and a discharge is done only if the doctor certifies the patient as fit for discharge. This method is absolutely safe for patients.

We have experienced Team of support staff (nurses, attendants, physiotherapist) and they are professionally trained in daycare patient management techniques.

We are the first healthcare facility in Gujarat to adopt Daycare many years ago & we have successfully built safe daycare practice into the Ahmedabad. The clinic has had hundreds of successful daycare procedures till date.